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Merce with me and the guys from Yamaha. I got them to donate a Disklavier to anchor the electronic setup in the studio.



The daily task of creating music for dancers in class is an obscure corner of the music world, and not noted for any particular rewards beyond the pure joy of just doing it. For those who care to learn what the job really means, it is a calling.

At the Merce Cunningham Studio, it was my honor for 16 years to work in the studio of one of the great artistic geniuses of the twentieth century.





Tom and June at Provincetown Arts Center   

Tom and June at Provincetown Arts Center


I am forever grateful to June Finch, who convinced me that New York was the only place to be, and introduced me to Merce, Viola Farber, Paul Taylor, Dan Waggoner, and every other choreographer worth knowing, and always paid me whether she made any money or not.

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