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"Where do you come up with the ideas for your music?"

I got this question from a middle school student whose teacher is an old friend who had shared my Murakami promo with her class.

I thought I would share the answer with you.

Fantastic question, Cameron, and it's the all-important one. I could get all big-headed and say that I'm only the medium, and that I just allow the universe or the spirits or God to speak through me, but I won't :-)

It's really much more practical than that.

Music is a very special language, because anyone can understand it. Babies in the womb understand it. Everybody, and I mean everybody, values music in some way. The sources are infinite, and there are innumerable ways that people use this special language to express things that words cannot say.

I recall riding to work one morning many years ago on the back of my friend's motorcycle, in a sleepy daze, when suddenly everything in my ears - the garbage truck's crusher, the traffic, the subway train passing beneath, the wind, the motorcycle, the radio in the car next to us - all at once, I realized that every single sound belonged there, and that I was experiencing a symphony, and it all made perfect sense. At that moment, I finally understood what John Cage was trying to get at when he wrote his famous and controversial piece, 4'33". Music happens always, everywhere. You just need to be able to stop and tune in.

Here's a picture of my studio. I spend a lot of time in that chair just tuning in. There is no end to ideas. You can see the all-important coffee mug on the right.


When I sat down to write the music for 1Q84, I remembered that motorcycle moment, because the opening scene of the book, where Aomame is trapped in a traffic jam on a Tokyo expressway and needs to escape to get to an appointment, reminded me of that magical sense of possibility. The rest was easy.

Software and tools. Much less important than learning to work with what you've got [you've got everything you need to make music in your own body] but here's what I use:

ProTools, GarageBand, Audio Recorder, Super Looper, Jack Pilot, WireTap Studio, and XO Wave for mastering. CamelCrusher, CamelPhat, and Alchemy for sampling and processing.




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