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Washing and trimming a perfect bouquet of radishes to throw into my salad the other day, I was overwhelmed by a sense memory. Maybe I was five or six, watching my Dad at the kitchen table, slicing fat radishes in half, dipping them into a plate of salt, and popping them into his mouth.

The bright red and pure white of the radishes, the sound of the crunch, the tactile pleasure of dipping into the salt - I had to try it. 

“Can I have one?”


The blast of pungent radish and sharp saltiness almost knocked me over. I didn’t eat radishes for a long time after that.

Now, I’m ready for it. I got out a plate, threw some salt on it, dipped, and crunched.

Pure delight.

Thank you, Dad.


What's happening to me? I'm starting to think about food all the time. Not obsessively yet, but you have my permission to verbally slap me up anytime I begin to go over the line.

Many like to go to the movies on Saturday night, or go out for dinner or drinks. What did I do with the last Saturday night of my vacation? Sat up reading a report from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization. Dork.

However, here are my conclusions:

1. Flipping burgers is a perfectably respectable way to make a living.
2. Almost one billion poor people around the world earn a living from livestock.
3. Ray Kroc was a marketing genius, without a doubt.
4. While it seems cheap, we really can't afford beef any longer.

Here's the UN report - it's worth the trouble.

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