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It's the best of America. It's the worst of America. All that creativity, ingenuity, greed, and waste side by side. The lurid carnality and the heartbreaking beauty all in your face all at once. Lots of yin, lots of yang. Nothing in moderation, everything to excess. Four days is about all I can take.

CES was again a monumental hodgepodge, dominated, as everyone knows, by 3D TV, Ford Sync, and eReaders galore. My favorite spots, though, are those back rows full of hopeless dreamers, deep geeks, and just plain weirdness. While there was nothing this year to top last year's Cell Mate [a cell phone accessory that converted your normal cell phone to hands free operation by velcroing it to a bent coat hanger], there was the USB cigarette - a delightful device that plugs into your free USB port and smokes away "just like the real thing." Pointless, but amusing. A balance of attributes that's prized in Vegas.

By the way, I need new glasses, and I'm thinking of going straight to 3D. Good move?

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