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Spitting Into the Wind

She's an inspiration to all, and she's right. Every person every day makes choices that affect the future health of our small planet and all the species who share it with humans. Today, as part of my town's annual Earth Day cleanup, I picked up three giant trash bags full of litter (mostly plastic) from a short stretch of a major roadway - and just one side of that road. It was exhausting and eye-opening, and I feel like it didn't even make a dent. How to extend my efforts into the whole year? Not sure I can be out there every weekend picking up trash - my back would be very unhappy about that - but I CAN choose food that does not come from factory farms, choose packaging that is minimal and recyclable, choose to respect and honor all living beings, choose to vote whenever I have a chance to support representatives and regulations that will protect our resilient but fragile ecosystem for unborn generations to come. It's not just spitting into the wind. 

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