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An Audacious List of New Year's Resolutions

I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions. I’m old enough to know better.

I am, however, going to share a list of resolutions put forward by Seth Godin in his post today. While there are few of these resolutions upon which I can take direct action, I can use them to guide the way I want to face my own future. They can help me to better align what I believe with what I do. Less hypocrite, more mensch, in other words. “But a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” Thank you, Robert Browning, and thank you, John Hildreth, my seventh grade English teacher, who had this quote plastered in giant letters around the ceiling of his classroom at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School.

As Seth notes, “This list seems ridiculous until you realize that in the last few generations, we created vaccines, antibiotics, smartphones, GPS and the Furby.”

So here:

1. High efficiency, sustainable method for growing sufficient food, including market-shifting replacements for animals as food
2. High efficiency, renewable energy sources and useful batteries (cost, weight, efficiency)
3. Effective approaches to human trafficking
4. Carbon sequestration at scale
5. Breakthrough form for democracy in a digital age
6. Scalable, profitable, sustainable methods for small-scale creators of intellectual property
7. Replacement for the University
8. Useful methods for enhancing, scaling or replacing primary education, particularly literacy
9. Beneficial man/machine interface (post Xerox Parc)
10. Cost efficient housing at scale
11. Useful response to urban congestion
12. Gene therapies for obesity, cancer and chronic degenerative diseases
13. Dramatic leaps of AI interactions with humans
14. Alternatives to paid labor for most humans
15. Successful interactions with intelligent species off Earth
16. Self-cloning of organs for replacement
17. Cultural and nation-state conflict resolution and de-escalation
18. Dramatically new artistic methods for expression
19. Useful enhancements to intellect and mind for individuals
20. Shift in approach to end-of-life suffering and solutions for pain
21. Enhanced peer-to-peer communication technologies approaching the feeling of telepathy
22. Transmutation of matter to different elements and structures
23. Off-planet outposts

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