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Did I tell you how much I love audiobooks?

I posted 40 new reviews to Amazon today. I admit, that's a bit excessive, but they've been accumulating for awhile. Here's the latest:

Nobody's Fool, by Richard Russo - narrated by Ron McClarty

Richard Russo writes tales of rundown and overlooked people living in places that saw their best days long ago. Empire Falls, That Old Cape Magic, Bridge of Sighs -- they're all variations on the same themes that animate Nobody's Fool. That takes nothing away from their power as stories, because Russo is such a great storyteller. He makes you care about his characters and want them to win in a game where it seems the odds are always stacked against them. Their transcendence beyond their own sad circumstances reminds us that life goes on, that we can and will survive, and that each one of us can rise above our own mistakes and bad choices. 

This very human story is brought to life masterfully by Ron McClarty, whose narration is pitch-perfect, evoking time, place, and the full cast of characters that populate the town of North Bath, NY. Forget Paul Newman. Ron McClarty's Sully is the one that will stick with me.


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