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Olympic Heros

I need a hero as much as the next guy. Someone to look up to as a model of discipline and achievement. Someone who takes the raw talent and brains they are born with and really makes something out of it. I love the Olympics because every four years, we get a chance to see what we all are capable of.

if we could only enjoy the Olympics without the filter of television. These incredible athletes are now groomed to be media stars as part of their training and are expected to do the TV dog and pony show to satisfy the great hunger for celebrity. Who can blame them for wanting the endorsement $ and the spotlight - they have certainly earned it - but TV reduces their stature, in my estimation. The more they talk, the less interested I become. The more often they appear in commercials and fluff pieces, the less I see their individuality and their inspiration.

I've been watching some of the practice runs and other raw material that hasn't made it into the production machine. NBC is graciously posting a lot of this stuff online. No commentary, no filter, no fluff. I am such a bore, but that's the way I like it.

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