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Is the Ipod Generation missing out?

question [from Mahalo]: Is the Ipod Generation missing out on listening to music properly? Is music better with big speakers instead of tiny earphones?

What makes music good and gives it value is the experience that is created in the mind and heart of the listener. Whatever helps to enable that connection with the spirit of the singer, musician, composer, ensemble, or band is also a good thing. For some, that experience may be delivered through $3.00 earbuds, for others, it comes through gold wires connected to $30,000 speakers. You could be sitting in the front row at the Blue Note or in a drum circle deep in the Brazilian rainforest and have equally transformative experiences in either place. The place, the technology, and the equipment can contribute to the enjoyment of music, but none are required. The question of what is better assumes a value judgment that you are free to make when deciding for yourself what it is that floats your boat, but it's not a value judgment that you can impose on others. Is there a proper way to listen to recorded music? In my opinion, there are as many proper ways to listen as there are listeners.

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